Hospitality Staff Safety & Personnel Dispatch

Protect your staff from attacks and duress situations.

AiRISTA RTLS Staff Safety Solution is an effective, efficient wearable solution providing immediate location-based alerts to security and nearby personnel.

The patented personnel badge is the #1 two-way communicating RTLS solution in the world for staff safety and dispatch.

Hotel housekeepers can find themselves in difficult or threatening situations. State and city regulations are requiring a modern, reliable solution for addressing employee safety. Be there for your staff when they need help with proven Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology to direct a rapid response to emergencies and keep your employees safe.

AiRISTA Housekeeper Safety™ offers an effective hotel panic button solution that’s cost-effective, easy to install and maintain, and fully future-focused for hassle-free compliance with emerging legislation. Our Wi-Fi-based safety SaaS solution combines real-time insights with two-way communication tools to offer complete coverage and visibility both inside and outside of your facility. Our solution works with your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and deploys on-premises or connects to a dedicated cloud portal.

Meet your needs in personnel safety,
compliance, and more with the help of AiRISTA.


  • A real-time view of personnel locations during panic events and responses
  • A wide selection of wearable tags, including those for two-way communication
  • A private cloud portal for easy management and reporting
  • Escalation rules and forensic replay help provide a high quality response
  • A simple deployment process with virtually no IT involvement
  • A low monthly subscription model for software and hardware components

Personnel Dispatch Using 2-Way Communicating Tag

Whether it’s a hotel, casino or cruise ship, the ability to direct the nearest appropriate resource has an immediate effect on customer satisfaction. The 2-way communicating personnel tag worn by staff alerts them with LEDs, vibration or an audible tone. The display interface provides instructions. And programmable buttons let staff communicate status updates like “en route” or “completed”. Frequent examples include.

  • Room service tray pickup
  • Hotel guest requests towels
  • Alert pool guests when their order is ready
  • Direct security personnel to altercation

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